Stockist and Wholesale

Online Retailers

Shades by Renee works with many online retailers and has a depth of understanding of the unique nature of online retail, as opposed to traditional stores. We provide a quick and easy way for online retailers to supply their shoppers with the latest Shades by Renee products and to meet their delivery timescale commitments. If your online shop is not yet stocking Shades by Renee, please contact us for your starter kit.

Department Stores

Shades by Renee is happy to work with department stores placing bulk orders for our fantastic products. We work with each store to ensure that the quantities of stock that we supply dovetail perfectly with local demand and we take a personalised approach to relationship management – you will have a named Shades by Renee contact with whom to liaise, not a generic call centre number.  If you are not yet stocking Shades by Renee, why not contact us to get you started.

Independent Boutiques

Every Shades by Renee fan is unique and one of our favourite ways of bringing Shades by Renee to new audiences is through independent boutiques. Ultimately, we are offering a boutique product to the market, so what better way to present our hosiery to customers than through unique, independent boutiques?  Contact us to get you started



At Shades by Renee we appreciate that demand for hosiery products in pharmacies is strong. If you are interested in having your pharmacy stocked with hosiery, why not contact us, to get you started. We can provide dedicated display solution, or simply supply our fabulous tights for inclusion on the shelves.


International Retailers

Shades by Renee is happy to work with international retailers and to support the spread of our hosiery around the world. We can ship overseas in bulk using secure transportation services, to ensure that our goods always arrive in tip top condition.Regardless of where you are based, we are happy to serve you. Contact us and we will be happy to help you get started with Shades by Renee products.