Shades by Renee Our Story


I was always a tall girl, towering high above the other kids on the playground, and learnt early to embrace my height which comes with very long legs. 

Puberty brought in a new awareness especially as school uniforms were usually shorter on me. That’s when my struggle with tights began...

 They were usually the wrong colour and too short, making them ride down with body movement. This caused me a anxiety and a sense of trepidation.

The solution became the purchase of tights 2 sizes up, though these were long enough, they were too loose, made me look clumsy and still fell off my tiny waist. This was becoming a full-blown crisis!

The good news however is that in the midst of this, a dream was born. 

Fast forward...more tight troubles, Education, a thriving career and family came in quick succession, but that dream did not disappear.

Today, I’m proud to reveal my dream ‘Renee sheer ... 

A dream born to provide comfort, class, style and freedom to move to girls and women of every colour, shape, size and height.

We started by Considering every design detail to ensure we produce tights that don’t sag, itch, dig, are easy to move in, and in the right colour. 

Renee .... is synonymous with ‘freedom’ for everyone who has had tight trouble before now!