How to put our tights on

The usual mistake is to use the nails to hold the material while pulling or rolling up… most of our customers tear the tights/stockings all the time due to this reason… The trick is to avoid using any sharp edges including your finger nails, hard sharp skin and ensuring that your feet too do not have any sharp edges.

Sit on a bed side or dressing stool or chair, Rolling one leg fabric at a time, put it on your toes, stretch and adjust to make sure the seams are right and gently using your finger tips (Not nails) roll upwards while uniformly stretching the fabric. Once you are almost above the knee on first leg, switch to next one repeating it… If you are wearing pattern/printed/backseam/striped tights/stockings then you need to be careful to roll up and stretch ensuring the seams/patters are straight. Once you are done the half way on both legs, you may need to get up and while standing roll up both sides one by one gradually until you reach the top.

If you not satisfied by the looks due to excessive or stretched material in some place you may need to gently adjust that… excess force or use of nails to pick the material is common reason to tear the delicate ones. If the tights look out of place then it is better to take them off and redo it again.

Remember, the pattern, printed, striped, backseem takes longer so have sufficient time to wear them. The thin, sheer, delicate ones are easy to break/tear.